Type of Light Alloy Wheel

Integral wheel (One-piece wheel)

Rim part and disc part are integrated
Easier to obtain rigidity required for wheels – no risk of part loosening or missing thanks to its integrated structure
Production is easier – quality tends to be stable as homogenized materials are used
Many light alloy wheels are made through casting, which limits the efforts for weight saving as the method requires certain thickness to secure the right total balance and strength.

Knock-down wheel

Wheels consisting of more than one unit – categorized into the following 3 groups as per ways of unit knock-down and assembling
a. Two-piece wheel
Rim and disc parts are separately formed and put together later through direct welding or by thru bolts

b. Three-piece wheel
Outer and inner rims are separately formed and put them together along with the disc part later – different materials and production methods can be used for different units leading to more free and flexible design.

c. Wire wheel
Wheels whose center unit (shell) is linked to the rim via multiple wire spokes