Light Alloy Wheel Categorization by Design

Light alloy wheels boast of their excellent functions and are also available in many different designs. The design of the wheels has been dramatically and rapidly expanded thanks to higher flexibility of newly used materials and further development of production methods and structures.  Please be presented here some of the basic design categorization elements.

bas im02【Dish type】
Those with their center disc part of the wheel in a shape of dish or flat plate are generally called wheels of dish type.


bas im02【Spoke type】
The spoke-type wheel is one of the wheels of most traditional design, which has evolved and developed from those of dish type pursuing lightness and strength.


bas im02【Mesh type】
Wheels that have fine spokes structured in the meshes at their disc part – the mesh type wheel originated in the shape of wire spoke wheels featuring their unique functional beauty built out by intertwined fine spokes, from which those in “Y” shape with even simpler beauty stemmed.


bas im02【Fin type】
Wheels that have fine spokes laid out radially on their disc – although their shapes are similar to those of spoke type, those with more spokes are separately called wheels of “Fin type”.


bas im02【Wire spoke type】
This is the first shape attempted to be incorporated into automotive wheels in the history of the development of the wheels for automobiles. The design reminds us of wheels of a bicycle. They had firstly been adopted for racing cars at the dawn of the automobile racing age and were then later gradually spread to ordinary vehicles.


bas im02【Spiral type】
Those of spiral or helix type – you can see those with a very elaborate design such as a modified version of a three-spoke wheel and the like these days.