About ASEA

asea logoASEA (Auto sports and Special Equipment Association) founded on October 1st, 1981 by a group of businesses that participated in the Japanese motorsports events (back then not as advanced as now, thus participation in the racing events per se was a very precious opportunity) to develop and sell their own motorsports-related parts and accessories and those who imported them from Europe and the US where the motorsports industries had been matured already.  ASEA has, since its establishment, been aiming at supporting development of the Japanese motorsports from a point of view of professionals in the industry.

page sample img01Those were days with very strict regulations when nothing but genuine parts and accessories made by auto manufacturers was allowed to be attached to any cars running on the public roads. The aftermarket goods and parts handled by ASEA members were, therefore, limited to those used exclusively for genuine motorsports. Ordinary motorists have, however and though gradually, been exposed to the existence of the motorsports goods that were not genuine but required to be of even higher performance and quality through racing event participants and enthusiasts.


page sample img02More and more people have become asking for those goods and accessories. As a result, the Japanese aftermarket industry won a great reward in a relaxation of regulations seen in a revision made to the relevant laws in 1995. While basking in the benefit, ASEA members have renewed their resolution. The deregulation was, with no doubt, very good news after the long difficult age. And, thus,   the auto parts aftermarket should assume greater responsibility than before.

Especially the motorsports goods provided by ASEA members shall never be allowed not to live up to their users’ expectations. Now is the time for us to make an all-out effort to spread the right system to promote even better and safer goods (ASEA recommended goods system). We are certain that we can eliminate inferior goods by proactively promoting recommendation of goods of a higher and homogenized quality.


Corporate Overview

ASEA Business Unit

ADDRESS 8-1-14,Nishigotanda,Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0031
TEL 03-5487-8188
FAX 03-5437-6882
URL http://www.napac.jp

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ASEA started in 1981 with only a handful of supporters. The number of member companies has grown at an incredibly high rate, which is not an exaggeration, to the current 62.

Although the majority of the members are engaged in motorsports-related goods handling, the actual goods supplied to the market have gone through fine-tunings arranged for so-called street users based upon the products developed in the hard-core motorsports, which widens the overall range and scope of the market products.

The operation of the association is based upon resolutions made by its directors and trustees at the Board of Directors and any member has the right to run for trusteeship and could be accordingly voted on and assigned to one at the General Meeting.

As stipulated in Article 2 of ASEA Operation Rule (Objective), ASEA conducts its business with an aim of contributing to development of the motorsports through research, development and marketing of secured and safe motorsports-related goods and special product (1) to contribute to further development of the motorsports and (2) to enhance the product knowledge and engineering skills of its members.  ASEA fosters friendship among its members to conduct businesses in which mutual prosperity is cultivated among its members.

To this end, ASEA has three committees to proactively support its core activities as follows.

【Marketing Committee】
Responsible for market survey, publicity, magazine advertisement, PR tool preparation, information provision for members, and exhibition / participation in various events
【Motorsports Committee】
Responsible for Motorsports-related activities – supporting Super Taikyu race events and participating in the “Aero parts committee” initiative
【ASEA Standard Committee】
Responsible for ASEA Standard setting – information and source material gathering, and disclosure


Officers of ASEA Business Unit

Business Unit Head NAGASE Tsutomu
Business Unit Vice Head Nico Röhreke
Business Unit Vice Head HANAZATO Isao
Business Unit Vice Head YANAGIDA Haruhito
Chief of General affairs FUKAZAWA Hiroshi
Consultant KAMIYAMA Hiroshi, SUZUKI Shuji, TAKAMA Tomoko, HITOMI Ryusaku,
Secretary AKABOSHI Yuji, ABE Ryosuke, IDA Masahiko, Ui Masahiro, OKUMURA Akihiro,
OKUYAMA Tadashi, OGURA Yasuhiro, KASHIYAMA Hiroyuki, KOJIMA Akihiro,
Toshio, TAKASE Mineo, MAEKAWA Shinichiro,
Auditor NAGAI Ryuichi
Senior Advisor TACHI Nobuhide, KATSUTA Teruo

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 Motorsports Promotion Business

Proactive support for each motorsport event category

Supports and cosponsors various motorsports events in Japan including All Japan Slalom Championship serving as its title sponsor several times since its foundation


Since 1986, ASEA has screened the individuals who have contributed to development of the Japanese motorsports to grant them “ASEA AWARD” along with a cash reward of JP\100,000 each. ASEA granted such reward to as many as 10 nominees at one point. In 1886 when we filed a complaint with the Japanese government about their prohibition of usage of UK-made seatbelts on public roads due to the Japanese security parts regulations, then-UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who had persuaded the Japanese government into lifting the ban on the use of 4-point seatbelts, was nominated for the reward.  She has wonderfully passed the screening to be bestowed the award with the cash reward of JP¥100,000 accordingly.

Those past ASEA awardees all get themselves still involved in the Japanese motorsports one way or another as an active driving force toward its further development.

Past ASEA AWARD WINNERS(Under Construction)


ASEA Motorsports Festival in Suzuka

In 1991 upon marking the 10th anniversary since its establishment, ASEA held “ASEA Motorsports Festival in Suzuka” in Suzuka Circuit, which has, then, evolved into an annual event held for the following 4 years. It had a very unique category where Dirt trial racing, Gymkhana, and Road racing events were all competed in an identical class and model. The event of each year has seen its participants and organizers alike enjoy the races and relevant social gatherings to the fullest on a harmonious note.

 1st Tournament Champion(1991)  Driver.Hitoshi Tosaka (EP83 STARLET T)
 2nd Tournament Champion(1992)  Driver.Tetsuya Ono (EG6 Civic)
 3rd Tournament Champion(1993)  Driver.hinsuke Arai (LANCER EVO)


Promotion of the Aftermarket Industry


Since its establishment, one of the major objectives of ASEA has been to organize a trade show to represent the whole industry like those such as “SEMA SHOW” held each year in Las Vegas, the US.

ASEA regarded “ASEA SHOW” held in three years in a row from 1983 thru 1985 as a great opportunity to test its ability to achieve its ultimate goal.

It, however, stopped short of realizing an ideal show to integrate the Japanese aftermarket industry for various reasons.

In 1996, as the Japanese deregulation trend was continuing, the three major entities that supported the aftermarket, i.e., our ASEA, JAWA (represents light alloy wheel businesses), and JASMA (Japan Automobile Sports Muffler Association) were integrated into JJA Council, upon which the three entities started to put their mind to it ever seriously to make their long-time dream of organizing a full-fledged trade show by themselves come true.

It finally became real as “AUTO-ASIA '96” in September 1996.

The show was attended by 98 companies. Despite a typhoon that unfortunately hit us on the opening day, 31,817 people including those in the industries and ordinary user customers came to view the show, which led the event to its successful finale.

The 2nd “AUTO-ASIA '98 Tuning & Dress-up Show” was held at Booth 1248 in East Hall No. 4, 5, and 6 of Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) on 19, 20, and 21 (Friday thru Sunday) in September 1998, which saw 54,200 visitors in total.

Overseas Inspection Tours

sema1108-02Since 1990, ASEA has conducted tours to see SEMA SHOW held each year in Las Vegas the US.

We have also had the executive organizers of SEMA here in Japan. We made the best of each opportunity to exchange opinions and deepen our mutual understanding by holding receptions and social gatherings with them. As a result, starting in business year 1995, we took one step further from just an ordinary study tour of SEMA SHOW to additionally launch “Automobile repair parts business fair / import promotion buyer mission”, with which we have seen many great successes in our business.
This “SEMA SHOW” inspection tour is held every year where the tour participants are entitled to elaborately-prepared services from SEMA authorities.

Similar tours have been organized for “AUTOMECHANIKA” in Frankfurt.   ASEA will organize these events more frequently to further enhance relationships with its counterparts who organize various shows in other parts of the world to promote even more effective interchanges especially in the US, Europe and Asia, the three key regions.