JAWA Wheel Design Deposit System

Upon abolishment of the design security system, JAWA participated in “Deposit of Creative Design” initiative of Japan Design Protection Association, which is still effective.

Those who wish to file an application with this system can fill up an application form separately attached and send to JAWA secretariat.

1.Deposit of Creative Design

Accepts and stores deposition of designs from corporations that stop short of proceeding to full-fledged design development or official design registration.

The deposited designs are stored and kept confidential unless the depositor wishes otherwise and approves on disclosure of such design on the Internet.      

2.Benefit from Deposition of Creative Design

① Content and creator of the subjected design are made clear and the deposition per se can be used as evidence of the design origin.
② The deposition can support the origin of the subjected design in case of conflicts to do with alleged design copying and the like.
③ In case the subjected design stops short of obtaining an official design right with no protection expected under Design Act, the deposition can be used as an alternative way of protecting the design.
④ The deposition prevents other person or entity from claiming his/her right on the same or similar design (when the subject design is in the public domain).
⑤ The deposition can be used as means of design management by companies and designers.

3.Application of Creative Design Deposition

① Fill in an application form for “Creative Design Deposition” and submit it along with a specific drawing (or pictures and the like).
* JAWA will charge the applicant for an official application proxy of JP\750 (excluding tax) and discloser fee of JP\2,000 (excluding tax) at a later date.
* It will cost the applicant \1,500 (excluding tax) if his/her application is sent directly to Japan Design Protection Association.
② Upon acknowledgement of a deposition application, JAWA secretariat immediately forwards it onto Japan Design Protection Association.
③ In return, Japan Design Protection Association sends JAWA its “Creative Design Deposition Acknowledgement ” as of the date of receipt with an official deposition number, which is then forwarded on to the applicant/depositor accordingly.

4.Issuance of Certificate

① Upon request from a depositor, “Certificate of Publicly-known Design” or “Certificate of Deposition” is issued which can be also used as evidence for the fact of design creation and the like.
② An applicant shall ask JAWA secretariat for a Certificate Request Form, which shall be accordingly filled in and sealed before being directly sent to Japan Design Protection Association. The cost for an issuance of “Certificate of Publicly-known Design” and “Certificate of Deposition” is \1,050 per cert respectively (excluding postage).

An Application for Creative Design Deposition is available from the Downloadable material page.
The name of the creator filled in “Application for Creative Design Deposition” shall be that of an individual person.
The depositor shall be JAWA.
Deposited designs whose application is filed through JAWA shall be subject to being put into production.
Any queries shall be made to the secretariat.